How Hotel Apps Can Be Used in Online Advertising

A mobile app can present many great opportunities to connect with past, current and future guests. In fact, we detailed a new trend that shows mobile users are using mobile apps more and mobile browsers less. This means having a mobile app will be a critical part of a hotelier’s marketing strategy in the near future, especially as more and more travelers use mobile devices for booking travel plans.

But how do you get your hotel app into the hands of these guests? With online advertising of course! There are many forms of online advertising that hotels can take advantage of, from PPC to banner ads to ads within other apps. The process works the same way as it always has, but instead of serving an ad that goes to a landing page or a website, we can now open up your app on the user’s phone or take them to one of the app stores to download your app for free.

Mobile apps have many advantages over mobile sites. They generally provide a better and faster user experience, which is sure to please guests. If your hotel uses an app like that from us here at O’Rourke, then you can bypass booking engine fees and, of course, OTA fees.


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