The Mountain Top Inn Facebook Newsfeed Campaign Case Study


The Mountain Top Inn was looking to increase the number of weddings on their property. Specifically, they wanted to attract recently engaged women in New England. Facebook was their platform of choice, because of its versatility and informal approach to capturing a largely female audience.

Located on 350 acres of private woods and meadows surrounded by the Green Mountains of Vermont, Mountain Top Inn is the perfect setting for a wedding day. With multiple sites to choose from, on the beach, atop a meadow, and on the terrace overlooking the Green Mountains a picture perfect backdrop has never been so easy to come across.

O’Rourke was hired to implement a Facebook Newsfeed Campaign targeting recently engaged women of New England. With this specific audience in mind, our creative team designed an ad that no recently engaged person could resist.


The campaign kicked off in March 2014, just in time for the spring wedding season. There was an immediate impact on the targeted audience, who was highly engaged in the Facebook Newsfeed Ad. Here are the results: 

  • Targeting women in New England who are recently engaged
  • Over 1,400 clicks
  • Over 67,000 people reached
  • 65 direct wedding RFP submissions

Bottom Line

Focus on a specific audience and a strategic time of year when running a Facebook Newsfeed Campaign. Outlining a strategy here will increase conversions, engagements, and, at the end of the day, revenue.

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