A Near-Perfect PPC Campaign Will Rescue Your Hotel’s Falling Revenue

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  • Everything is Great!

    Fresh content. Attractive images. Interactive maps. Healthy SEO. Guest-friendly booking engine. Your website is looking great and performing well. Guests love it, you love it.

  • But There's a Problem.

    Your revenue from direct bookings is flat or in decline.
    You have to figure out a way to increase room nights, RFPs, and direct bookings—and the quicker the better. “Get my brand in front of more of the right people and end this persistent nightmare!” is often what you’re thinking, right?

    Unfortunately, there is no magic wand you can wave or top secret phone number you can call to just make it all go away.

  • What's the Answer?

    There is PPC. Because, while not easy, PPC in capable hands can boost your bottom line fast.

    By combining years of experience with a keen understanding of each property, we build PPC campaigns from scratch that support your hotel’s objectives. And we don’t “set it and forget it,” but closely monitor your campaigns and constantly tweak them (or overhaul them, if necessary) to ensure your CTC, CPC, and conversion rates support a healthy ROI at the EOD.

  • Want to Know Everything You Need to Run a Successful PPC Campaign?

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The results from PPC can be remarkable. But remarkable results are hard to get. Between fierce competition for ad placement and the vast intricacies behind a successful PPC campaign, there are a few things you need to have a handle on before you dive in. Our digital marketing manager, Lucas Firmino, put together a quick guide to help you as you get started.

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