All the Ways a Guest Directory App Will Appeal to the Modern Traveler—and You

  • What’s sleek, green, nimble, always on the move, and easy to keep? If you guessed a pet frog….well, technically you’d be right.

    But we’re talking about a fully functional guest directory mobile app for guests, that saves you time, money, and paper, and is simple to update. Today you may have a big printed book you leave in rooms to help guests learn all about your property and local area restaurants and recreation. But a modern traveler wants this information close at hand at all times—and up-to-date. A mobile version of your guest directory allows you make that happen because it’s:

  • Sleek

    A modern mobile app is much more contemporary than a bulky 3-ring binder.

  • Green

    Remove paper and replace with technology as part of a property “go green” strategy.

  • Nimble

    Guests can acquire the app and access all the information they need fast and with ease.

  • On the Move

    It goes wherever guests go—always keeping them connected to you.

  • Easy to Maintain

    Regularly adding or updating content to the guest directory app is something anyone can quickly do.

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