Enhancing the Guest Experience and Generating Revenue Through Mobile-Powered Micro-Engagements

Since They’re Always on Their Phones

The mobile experience extends beyond the point of booking the room—it’s now an integral part of the journey. In fact, more than half of the survey’s respondents agreed to feeling “lost” without their smartphones on a vacation, and 35% reported using their phones more on vacation than they typically do at home.

The average smartphone user interacts with their device as much as 150-200 times per day. If your guest books five nights, that could be as many as 1,000 opportunities for you to engage with them during their stay!

Once guests are en route to and on your property, the opportunities you have to engage with them are nearly unlimited. You can start to encourage them to take advantage of everything you offer before they even enter your lobby for the first time.

Making Meaningful Mobile Moments

Through the power of mobile moments, you can now hold your guests’ interest like never before. By harnessing the power of mobile marketing automation effectively, you stand a great chance of seeing your guests more engaged, which tends to result in more revenue for you.

Give them what they want and expect: helpful reminders, timely offers, instant customer service, and memorable moments that match their physical experience to their digital world.

Here are a few major ways an app can enhance guest services and drive revenue through mobile marketing automation-powered micro-engagements:

  • Communicate with the front-desk via chat messaging
  • Receive special offers via push notifications that are triggered manually, according to segment, based on the guest’s location – or a blend of all three
  • Make restaurant reservations or order room service
  • Access local area guides and hotel information
  • Make and schedule service requests such as housekeeping, valet, or extra pillows

What Makes Mobile Moments Possible

Mobile marketing automation lets you be right there with your guests, in a sense, by employing the aid of a couple of new technologies.

Geofencing allows you to set up fences or zones anywhere—on the road to your property, at the airport, or on-property— that will trigger targeted messaging to your guests based on their geolocation, or GPS coordinates.

Beacons are tiny (usually smaller than a front-desk bell) and can be discreetly placed around your property to trigger targeted push messages to your guests’ phones.

Mobile marketing automation delivers value in real time throughout the guest’s journey using analytics to determine the experience that best suits the guest’s context (where he is, what she is looking to accomplish in that moment).

By triggering push messaging to their mobile devices based on geofences that you set up, or a guest’s proximity to a beacon, you can augment their experience with your property, your amenities, your brand.

The Bottom Line for Guests

Guests enjoy convenience at their fingertips with a mobile marketing automation powered-app that offers them an intuitive way to discover hotel amenities and services.

The app facilitates several micro-engagements, like letting guests access special offers through push notifications such as upgrades and amenities, request services, discover dining and cultural attractions, all via a simple interface.



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