How Hotels and Restaurants Can Get Mobile Apps Right

Most hospitality apps are clunky, cluttered, and totally lacking in customer appeal. They’re not worth even the two minutes it takes to download them.

But imagine this: a restaurant regular who receives a message on their phone reminding them they have a birthday reward ready to be redeemed soon.

Or how about a hotel guest who receives a welcome message and check-in information just as they’re arriving at your front door.

Or what if you’re a hotel or inn who also has a restaurant that tourists and locals alike love? A hotel guest who uses your hotel app and gets a push notification message about a happy hour special just for them, the moment she walks past your cocktail lounge, Lucky’s. Or a local patron who frequents Lucky’s and uses the Lucky’s app to check in each time he comes in, gaining special rewards along the way.

Two people, two rewarding experiences powered by mobile apps.

Now, let’s take a little closer look at how these hospitality mobile apps are driving the customer service and guest services to the next level.

Checked In, Redeemed, and Ready to Eat, Drink, and Be Merry

Restaurants that offer a loyalty program for their customers know how to make it resonate with their patrons—on their smartphone via an app they want to use. Not an app that just displays your menu with a link to your phone number, but one that’s actually useful for users.

Lack of usefulness is the number one reason people cite for deleting apps from their phone. Keep it simple and keep it customer-centric, and yours will remain on home screens.

Restaurants encourage people to download their customer loyalty app by offering them a small incentive, like $5 off their next check or “Free Appetizer.” Then, as soon as  they open your app, they’re off and running! They’ll want to check in every time they visit. After enough check-ins they get a reward ($25 gift card! Free pint glass!), and can redeem it right then and there, making the app a seamless part of the restaurant experience.

Messaging in the Moment

Through mobile marketing automation campaigns hoteliers are improving the quality of their guest’s experience, moment to moment. The power of real-time mobile messaging allows them to shape each guest’s experience through personal touches through their smartphone.

Apps driven by mobile marketing automation let you be with guests every step of the way. Once they download the app and turn on push notifications, guests begin an upgraded experience: a world beyond in which their physical environment is augmented by the digital one.

Mobile marketing automation lets you be right there with your guests, in a sense. By triggering push messaging to their mobile devices based on geolocation or proximity to a beacon, you augment their experience with your property, your amenities, your brand.

Geofencing lets you create fences or zones anywhere—on the way to your property, at the airport, or on-property— that will send personalized, targeted messaging to your guests based on their GPS coordinates.

Once they’re on your property strategically placed beacons can be programmed to initiate the transmission of location-specific offers. Beacons are small (like a golf ball cut in half) and can be hidden around your property to trigger push notifications at just the right moments.

Hospitality Apps at the End of the Day

If you take a more holistic view of your guests’ experiences with your hotel or restaurant, you can use an app as a means to positively affect their overall experience.

Quite simply, mobile apps that do an excellent job of representing guests’ interests by offering them well-timed, personalized offers, info, and rewards will help to propel businesses to the top, through improved customer experience and boosted bottom lines.

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