An Introduction To Conversation Marketing

Websites essentially used to be places where people would just click around and find what they wanted. The page wouldn’t interact with a user that would further the experience. Nowadays, the new trend in the digital world is the advent of conversation marketing.

Conversation marketing is a form of marketing that allows companies to build a more engaging and interactive experience. The goals of conversation marketing include growing the customer base, growing customer loyalty, driving interaction with the website and increasing revenue. Because it’s feedback-oriented, this strategy allows for a more dynamic approach to marketing and allows users to speak to live account coordinators who can answer any outstanding questions they may have. The days of waiting for three hours on hold in a customer service line are over. With conversation marketing, you can have a back and forth on a live website instantly with someone who can guide you to your ultimate goal.

For the hospitality industry, this is fantastic news. If you integrate conversation marketing into your website, you can increase bookings by offering users a more interactive experience. If someone has a question with regard to a property, a conversation marketing solution will be there to connect you with a resource that can find the answer instantly. With this seamless interface, potential customers will stay on your website, leading to fewer instances of abandoned bookings and empty shopping carts. This also allows marketers to spend less time focusing on tracking down abandoned bookings and spend more time optimizing the user experience. We think that this type of approach to marketing is going to present many new marketing opportunities for the hospitality industry and we’re excited to explore this topic more.

This is the first part of our series in conversation marketing. Check back often to learn more about how implementing a conversation marketing strategy can help your company optimize their website and drive more business!


Written by Conor O’Kelly

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