The Solution to Booking Engine Abandonment For Independent Hotels

GX+Skipper is a design methodology grounded in the principle that every visitor to an independent hotel website seeks answers to three essential questions:

  • Is this the room I want?
  • Is it available for my desired dates?
  • Is it within my budget?

We achieve this by seamlessly integrating the booking engine with the website’s front-end.

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Benefits of Implementing GX Design+Skipper

Customized Room Cards: Design and build customized room cards that provide visitors with detailed information for each room type.

Real-Time Availability Filtering: Allow website users to filter room availability in real-time without needing to visit a separate booking engine.

Real-Time Pricing Filtering: Enable front-end website users to filter room pricing in real time based on their budget requirements.

Seamless Booking Integration: Integrate seamlessly with booking engines to display inventory, rates, and availability directly on your front-end website.

Digital Wallet Solutions: Offer easy booking through digital wallet options like Google Wallet and Apple Pay.

Service Upselling: Upsell additional hotel services, such as spas and restaurants, directly through the website.

Website Solutions That Deliver Results

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GX + Skipper Case Study

For the Ashore Resort & Beach Club we transformed the booking experience through Guest Experience Design (GX) and the Skipper booking engine, achieving a 5x growth in direct bookings.

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