Marriott Hotels Offer Netflix in Guest Rooms

At the end of the 2015 third quarter, 69.17 million people subscribed to Netflix. Many of these people were forced to watch their current obsessions on tiny phone or small laptop screens while traveling. That is, until this summer when Marriott Hotels and Netflix announced that high definition TVs with Internet connectivity and a Netflix app will be offered in the brand’s hotel rooms.


The two companies are collaborating together because Marriott wants to make it easier for guests to watch Netflix in their hotel rooms and Netflix wants to be available to subscribers wherever they are. During the testing stage, Marriott found that 26% of their guests used the Internet apps on the TVs with most guests choosing to use the Netflix app. This speaks to Netflix’s position as the primary streaming site.


Guests checking in to a Marriott Hotel log into their Netflix accounts once and they stay logged in until they check out. Upon check out, their information is wiped from the TV, automatically logging them out of their accounts. Because guests log into their own accounts, they can pick up right where they left off in shows such as House of Cards and receive personal recommendations. Guests that are not currently Netflix subscribers will have the option to sign up for Netflix. Given the company’s 30-day free trial policy, many guests may be enticed to sign up for Netflix while traveling.


Currently, Marriot Hotels is the first brand offering Netflix in hotel rooms. The brand expects almost all of its 300 properties to have televisions connected to the Internet and outfitted with the Netflix app by the end of next year. While the focus is currently on the Marriot Hotels brand, other Marriott brands will be outfitted with similar technology.



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