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Highly targeted social campaigns net $18K in direct revenue for Sky Rock Inn

Highly targeted social campaigns net $18K in direct revenue for Sky Rock Inn


Located somewhere between earth and sky – notched into Arizona’s iconic red rock landscapes and overlooking spectacular views – the recently renovated Sky Rock Inn Sedona boutique hotel is a wholly immersive experience: a place where outdoor pursuits, wellness activities, and breathtaking scenic beauty both connect guests to the spiritual and ground them in the natural.


Pre-pandemic, Sky Rock welcomed a wide guest demographic from around the world. In 2020, however, COVID-19 restrictions and their resulting effects on travel had a significant impact on who would – and who could – visit. As travelers canceled existing reservations and new bookings lagged, Sky Rock sought a solution that would drive viable reservations.


A COVID-19 restrictions both limited travelers and sparked a new trend: “nearcations” at drive-to destinations. In response, we helped Sky Rock pivot to their new traveler demographic: guests from Arizona and nearby California. We crafted highly targeted campaigns that focused on AZ- and CA-exclusive offers and specials, such as Arizona resident discounts and a limited online offer available only to users who had clicked on an ad.

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