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Hotel Cabana Clearwater sees 114% increase to organic traffic

Hotel Cabana Clearwater sees 114% increase to organic traffic


There’s nothing standard about Hotel Cabana, a boutique chic, Key West-inspired hotel in Clearwater Beach, Florida. Voted the “best hotel” in Tampa Bay’s Best of the Best awards, Hotel Cabana is known and loved for its boutique guest rooms and suites, as it simultaneously expands into full-kitchen vacation rentals – as always, paired with the hotel’s sought-after amenities, including a heated pool and a prime location, steps to the beach.


As a popular beach destination and year-round vacation spot, Hotel Cabana must have a good online presence, in order for potential guests to find them online while researching future vacations. With that in mind, the primary challenge surprised: The problem was not in optimizing the hotel’s search visibility, but rather in keeping the hotel’s information accurate on third-party websites that the hotel does not control.


O’Rourke was tasked with correcting, updating, and optimizing third-party website information and online presence – a mission that is often an uphill battle against misinformation, hard-to-reach website administrators, and other barriers to correct listing information.

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