Case Study

Hotel Crescent Court uses non-branded PPC campaign to yield 35:1 ROAS

Hotel Crescent Court uses non-branded PPC campaign to yield 35:1 ROAS


Hotel Crescent Court is a quintessentially Texan, sophisticated Dallas hotel that blends heritage and luxury into an immersive guest experience. The hotel is well known and regarded for its spa, dining, and entertainment offerings, as well as for its downtown location close to Dallas’s arts, shopping, and entertainment districts. Fresh from an impressive $30 million renovation, Hotel Crescent Court welcomes guests to the finest in Texas luxury living.


As a well-known and recognized brand in luxury Dallas hotels, Hotel Crescent Court looked to build its new PPC campaigns not only on branded keywords, but around destination and lifestyle keywords. The target would be the phrases and search terms that travelers use, as they browse for luxury Dallas hotels that meet their lifestyle requirements and that are also close to downtown shopping, dining, and the arts.


We developed a set of destination and lifestyle keywords that targeted the Hotel Crescent Court’s guest demographic: higher-income, luxury travelers in search of an upscale, downtown hotel close to Dallas’s arts, shopping, and entertainment. As brand presence and awareness are already strong, the hotel’s branded keywords, while included, were secondary to lifestyle and destination keywords.

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