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Hotel Zero Degrees Has 15 to 1 ROAS on OTA TravelAds

Hotel Zero Degrees Has 15 to 1 ROAS on OTA TravelAds


Hotel Zero Degrees, one of Connecticut’s most renowned boutique brands, promises guests a stay unlike any other at its properties in Norwalk, Stanford, and Danbury. The brand’s sophisticated style, boutique service, and unrivaled amenities are matched only by its superb locations across the state.



Small but mighty, the Connecticut hospitality market is highly competitive. Hotel Zero Degrees Norwalk needed to revamp its marketing strategy, in part as response to their traveler demographic’s growing preference for booking through OTAs. That said, grappling with OTA competition can be challenging, as a property or marketing team has little control over third-party sites.



After meeting with the Norwalk property team, O’Rourke devised a marketing strategy that would include OTA paid ads, in order to better position the hotel for its niche market’s booking trend: an increased number of customers who preferred booking through OTAs. More specifically, the team worked to supplement room bookings for specific booking windows, via sponsored OTA listings on Expedia and

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