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Local 149 Sees 13% Increase in Organic Sessions

Local 149 Sees 13% Increase in Organic Sessions


Local 149, an “exceptionally local” American restaurant located in Boston, is a major social hub and serves as one of the most popular eateries in the area. Taking its name from the location of its former union office, the property not only offers a slice of South Boston and American history, but also a wide variety of refreshing takes on classic American dishes, paired with craft beers from the restaurant’s favorite Boston breweries.



In a city as big – and a dining culture as beloved (and crowded) – as Boston, Local 149 has stiff competition. While their menus are exceptional and their niche distinctive, the restaurant was still experiencing difficulty in breaking through the noise (and the mold) to reach more customers. They tasked O’Rourke with this goal.



Local 149’s property team wanted to increase organic traffic across the board, while simultaneously achieving Page 1 rankings for competitive keywords. Through a carefully crafted keyword strategy, coupled with quarterly SEO audits and close monitoring of page rankings, O’Rourke helped them do just that.

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