Case Study

How a Creative Metasearch Campaign Delivered Results for a Resort in a Challenging Location

The Westin Dallas Stonebriar Golf Resort & Spa is a luxury retreat on 400 acres in Frisco, Texas. The resort features a golf course, a wellness spa and a kids club. A recent renovation helped create a new center of gravity in Frisco, but the property needed to generate its own demand given its distance from Dallas.

How a Creative Metasearch Campaign Delivered Results for a Resort in a Challenging Location
8% Growth In metasearch revenue
5% Increase Click through rate
15% Reduction In cost per click

The Background

The Stonebriar hosts a combination of business and leisure travelers, including couples and families. A recent renovation resulted in an expanded list of offerings. But its location is just far enough from Dallas that the Stonebriar needed to focus on attracting its customers directly rather than drawing from the major metro area.

The Challenge

Frisco, Texas isn’t quite the same draw as Dallas, so the Stonebriar had to overcome the city’s lower profile and create one of its own. They needed to get in front of a lot more prospective customers and sell those prospects on why visiting the Stonebriar in Frisco was right for them.

The Solution

The driving force behind O’Rourke’s strategy was a metasearch campaign through Google Hotel Ads. The key to this successful campaign was ensuring that the cost/bidding approach was correct while maximizing conversions.

Stonebriar’s challenge was special, so the solution needed to be as well. Not every hotel is in a downtown or destination market. Some that are in secondary or tertiary markets need a bit more creativity and focus to draw in potential customers and convert them.

How We Made It Happen

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