Case Study

The Mountain Club on Loon Increases Conversions by 11%

The Mountain Club on Loon Increases Conversions by 11%


The Mountain Club on Loon is a laid-back ski resort in the heart of the White Mountain National Forest. The New Hampshire resort and spa is known for its position as Loon Mountain’s only slope-side resort for all seasons. With uniquely-designed rooms that include outdoor balconies and hot tubs, it’s a perfect spot to combine relaxation with adventure on the slopes.


As a resort unlike any other nearby, The Mountain Club on Loon needed a new website that highlighted its unique location in the White Mountain National Forest, which offers a natural playground with different offerings in each season. They wanted the newly-designed website to not only speak to their brand, but also increase traffic and conversions.


With The Mountain Club on Loon’s unique offering in mind, O’Rourke Hospitality designed and developed a new website that made it stand out. The new website was designed to be more navigable and built with a feature to allow visitors the ability to filter activities by season. The new website was paired with a fresh branding style guide and vivid photos that helped differentiate The Mountain Club on Loon in a competitive market.

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