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PPC campaign delivers 7.69% CTR for Grand Hyatt Nashville

PPC campaign delivers 7.69% CTR for Grand Hyatt Nashville


The Grand Hyatt Nashville is an upscale hotel located in downtown Nashville, on Broadway at Nashville Yards. The hotel enjoys unique positioning: within walking distance of the Gulch and Midtown, and home to one of the highest outdoor rooftop bars in Nashville, as well as an onsite spa and seven food and beverage experiences. More than a luxurious place to stay, the Grand Hyatt Nashville is a Music City experience.


As a branded hotel with a branded website, the Grand Hyatt Nashville must adhere to specific Hyatt standards and marketing parameters. The challenge, then, was to develop a fresh approach to the hotel’s marketing, without stepping outside Hyatt standards, and with the goal of driving more traffic to their branded website. An added hurdle: Traditionally, non-brand keywords don’t produce strong returns on PPC campaigns.


We developed a set of destination and lifestyle keywords, to focus the PPC campaign specifically on qualifying terms, local attractions, and universities – on the search phrases that travelers use when they’re looking for a specific Nashville experience, rather than a specific hotel brand

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