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Spruce Point Inn Hits 19-to-1 Return on OTA Travel Ads

Spruce Point Inn Hits 19-to-1 Return on OTA Travel Ads


Spruce Point Inn, perfectly poised between woods and sea, is one of Maine’s most renowned oceanside properties. A Condé Nast Top 25 Northeast Resort, Spruce Point Inn provides guests with an unforgettable New England getaway, a historic experience, and classic Maine memories, through luxury accommodations and welcoming amenities, including an on-site spa, sports courts, and much more.


Maine’s vacation market is ever-expanding. This, paired with the ever-growing number of guests who prefer to search, browse, and book online, makes OTA ads crucial to any paid marketing strategy. To this end, and after working with O’Rourke for many years, the property team at Spruce Point Inn decided to add OTA travel ads to their already successful digital marketing strategy.


Since the resort’s goal was to supplement room bookings for specific booking windows, O’Rourke opted for sponsored OTA listings on Expedia and – the most direct path toward the property’s objective, with OTA partners they were already familiar with managing.

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