Spruce Point Inn


Spruce Point Inn, one of Maine’s most renowned oceanside properties, seeks to provide guests with an unforgettable New England getaway. A Conde Nast Top 25 Northeast Resort, this historic property helps its guests make classic Maine memories through luxury accommodations and welcoming amenities, including an on-site spa, sports courts, a spa, and much more. With an ever-expanding Maine vacation market as well as a large number of guests booking online, OTA ads are now crucial for any paid marketing strategy.

After working with O’Rourke for many years, the property team at Spruce Point Inn wanted to add OTA travel ads to their already successful digital marketing strategy. More specifically, the team wanted to supplement room bookings for specific booking windows via sponsored OTA listings on Expedia and Hotels.com. Using the provided monthly budget, the O’Rourke team was able to create a strategy that would attempt to yield a high ROAS while simultaneously keeping cost-per-click low.

Exposed Return on Ad Spend 19-to-1