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Stowe Area Association Achieves 171% Increase in Facebook CTR

Stowe Area Association Achieves 171% Increase in Facebook CTR


Stowe, VT, the alpine ski capital of the east, remains one of America’s premier tourist destinations: a superb destination for travelers seeking the best that New England has to offer, including numerous ski resorts, spas, shops, restaurants, and more. Go Stowe, managed by the Stowe Area Association, is tasked with marketing this picture-perfect destination locale.


Stowe is the perfect place for an any-season vacation, but that’s only half the equation: It’s crucial to pair the area’s offerings with successfully attracting visitors to the area. The Go Stowe team tasked O’Rourke with crafting an optimized marketing strategy, including revamping their Facebook marketing.


We worked closely with Go Stowe to improve their top-level performance in Click-Through Rates and Cost-Per-Click, by utilizing more comprehensive and segmented audience targeting with more relevant ads. A more refined, highly researched Facebook campaign, paired with a better understanding of Stowe vacationers, helped us reach a more interested demographic with better keywords.

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