Over Half of Hotel Website Visitors Prefer to View Videos

There’s almost too much information for travelers to take in these days. Imagine planning a trip and having to sift through all the property websites, OTAs and review sites; the task can truly be daunting. It’s no surprise that a study by Software Advice found that 51% of leisure travelers and 69% of business travelers say they view online videos as part of their research.

Videos offer a way for the prospective guest to take in a lot of information about a property without putting in much effort. It’s a critical component to a hotel or resort’s website, especially considering that the user might leave the website if it’s too difficult to find information. In fact, the same study by Software Advice found that over half of travelers who view videos during their travel research process that they like to view the videos on the property’s website.

One of the reasons travelers prefer viewing videos on the property’s website is because they feel it’s more reputable, which is another piece of great news for hotels and resorts!

So what do guests prefer to see in these videos? The answer is amenities and/or features. About 68% said they would be most encouraged to book at a particular property after seeing the amenities it had to offer. More specifically, guests want to see the rooms, suites and common areas in the video. Different guests will want to see different things, so it’s important to mix it up a bit. However, it’s important to keep in mind that when guests arrive on a property’s website, they’ve most likely decided on a location for their trip and are simply looking into the different options for accommodations. Thus, showing videos of things to do or local attractions will most likely not appeal to the guest since they’re already past that point in their research process.

Videos should also be mostly informative, since that’s what most guests want to see. Things like humor and high production quality are low on the totem pole compared to the video’s information. By the time guests reach the point of watching videos, they’ve moved into the educational portion of their buying process. They’ve already bought into the brand and its story and now just want to get details.

Interestingly, when guests were asked who should narrate the video, they would prefer an actual hotel guest to do so. But if a guest narrating wasn’t an option, they’d prefer no narration, even over an independent person or the hotel’s GM!

The best way to use videos is to create multiple, short videos (30-60 seconds) highlighting individual features or segments of a property along with an overall video.


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