Why Reservation Recovery Is a Revenue Boomerang

Reservation recovery may be one of the simplest and most effective marketing tactics you can implement

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  • It’s All Coming Back to You Now! Well, At Least Some of It Is

    Picture yourself standing in a wide open field with a light wind at your back. In your hand is a boomerang. You turn slightly to your left, wind up, toss it out across the open field, and back it comes to you—with a guest, her room freshly booked, perched on top of it. Whoa! You throw it again. Another guest! Again! No guest this time. So, okay, it doesn’t happen with every attempt, but often enough that you start to really enjoy throwing the boomerang. That’s kind of what it’s like when you invest in reservation recovery. A percentage of revenue that once would have been lost is coming back to you.

  • No More Praying They Come Back

    For all those guests—more than 90% of them in some instances—who come to your website and start to book a room but for some reason or another leave before completing their reservation—you can win a significant portion of them back. Back in the day you could only pray they’d return to book a room. Now, with reservation recovery campaigns, it’s almost guaranteed that at least a few lost guests will return to you to book a room. If you use reservation recovery, you can directly affect things with just a few techniques.

  • The First Steps to Recovery

    But as relatively simple in concept as reservation recovery can be, like throwing (and catching) a boomerang, it takes skill and practice to make it work in your favor. Before you get started, it’s important that you ask a few key questions.

  • Important Questions About Reservation Recovery

    >Why do your guests start to book a room and then just….stop?
    >Where do all these “lost” guests go
    >How much revenue can you gain by using reservation recovery?
    >What’s a good ROI for a reservation recovery program?
    >What are the most effective methods for getting them back?
    >How do you set up reservation recovery for your hotel?

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