The Lodge at Glendorn Website Case Study


The Lodge at Glendorn, recently named the #1 Resort Hotel in the U.S. by Travel & Leisure, contacted us in early 2015 to revamp and improve the performance of their website. The goals were to properly convey the Glendorn experience to the website visitor while increasing overall website performance.

We worked closely with stakeholders at Glendorn to ensure the new website met brand standards and conveyed the Glendorn experience while also implementing best practices as it relates to performance. There was also a strong emphasis on Organic Search performance, which was addressed through the in-depth on-site SEO component of the website build.


The new site launched in July 2015. When comparing July 2015 – September 2016 to the previous period, the difference is astounding:

  • Sessions: +30.63%
  • Organic Sessions: +25.92%
  • Pageviews: +37.17%
  • Avg. Session Duration: +11.21%
  • Bounce Rate: -21.77%
  • Mobile Devices Conversion Rate: +15.28%
  • Overall Conversion Rate: +6.12%
  • Bookings: +38.62%
  • Booking Engine Visits: +38.65%

Bottom Line

Upgrading the look, feel, and performance of your website greatly improves the user experience and tends to lead to remarkable results.

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