The Wentworth Website Design Case Study


The Wentworth is an elegant country inn located in the White Mountains of Jackson, NH. While the inn is charming, the setting stunning, and the outdoor activities plentiful – cross-country skiing, golf, and hiking, among others – The Wentworth’s website failed to effectively communicate the appeal to visitors. Additionally, the inn’s site did not display enough strong imagery or video, and SEO had room for improvement.

Our approach to updating The Wentworth’s website was to accurately convey the inn’s charm, deploy a mobile-responsive design, and highlight effective photo and video. We also worked to update title tags and meta descriptions, as well as to maximize load times, to overall improve search engine optimization.

The final product is a fast-loading, optimized site that utilizes video to give guests a “virtual tour” of the property and showcase The Wentworth’s spectacular mountain location, upscale accommodations, and New England charm. As a result, The Wentworth witnessed an uptick in organic traffic and conversions, and a dramatic increase in mobile organic traffic and mobile conversions.



After launching their new website in November 2016, the Wentworth immediately saw improvements.

When compared to the previous year, there was an:

  • 8% increase in overall conversions
  • 83% increase in mobile conversion rate
  • 24% increase in overall organic traffic
  • 1,088% increase in mobile organic traffic



Powerful video and engaging imagery are no longer optional; they are essential to showcasing your on-property experience to potential guests. A mobile-responsive and SEO-optimized site is also required to pull organic search traffic and increase conversions, in order to encourage bookings and thereby boost revenues.

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