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Content Marketing for Hotels

While doing content marketing well for your hotel takes a little extra time, it’s well worth it. But why? And what will it be? And how do you do it? This webinar will walk you through the best way to come up with a piece of good content for your hotel, and how to get it out there so you get more bookings.

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A Close Look at a Customer Loyalty App

A customer loyalty app designed for hotels, restaurants, bars, food trucks, and coffee shops brings traditional loyalty programs onto the smartphone. A custom-branded, uncluttered, simple-to-use app rewards customers for their loyalty—short-term loyalty, long-term loyalty, birthday loyalty, and club loyalty—and keeps them coming back. See how what the app looks like and how it works for you and your guests.

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Hotel Website Design Trends We Like A Lot

How Does Your Website Stack Up?

As an agency working with some of the most forward-thinking hoteliers around, we get to develop some of the most design-forward websites for them.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss a few popular design elements showing up on hotel websites lately, along with some great examples.

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The Digital Marketing Trifecta

(For Hoteliers Who Want to Maximize Their Marketing Budget)

Imagine you can only spend your digital marketing budget on three initiatives—what should they be?

O’Rourke’s VP of Digital Strategy, Brian Fitzgerald, and Digital Marketing Manager, Lucas Firmino, gathered their years of experience and put their heads together to come up with a winning prescription for anyone trying to effectively market their property on a tight budget.

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Mobile Marketing Automation for Hotels

Mobile marketing automation is becoming a key component to the whole marketing picture as successful hoteliers strive to meet the evolving needs of their mobile-oriented guests—and drive more revenue while they’re at it.

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The Secrets Behind Abandoned Bookings and Reservation Recovery

Get some simple answers and learn the basics about reservation recovery. Our digital marketing manager, Lucas, talks about why guests don’t always follow through on booking a room on your website and then gives tips on how to maximize your hotel’s reservation recovery campaigns.

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Hotel PPC Trends & Tips

We’ll show you a number of advanced tactics which you can use to help improve your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign performance. If you don’t already have an active PPC campaign running, it’s a great way to increase direct bookings and generate awareness.

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