The Digital Marketing Trifecta

for hoteliers who want to maximize their marketing budget

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  • Imagine you can only spend your digital marketing budget on three initiatives—what should they be?

    If you're in charge of attracting guests to your hotel, motel, inn, or B&B, you have a budget to spend on marketing your property online. If your budget is limited, as most are, you need to be shrewd in how you allocate these monies.

    Luckily, after years of running successful hospitality marketing campaigns, we've hit on a foolproof recipe for attracting more guests, booking more rooms, and boosting revenue for both large resorts and intimate inns.

    O'Rourke's VP of Digital Strategy, Brian Fitzgerald, and Digital Marketing Manager, Lucas Firmino, gathered their years of experience and put their heads together to come up with a winning prescription for anyone trying to effectively market their property on a tight budget.

watch the webinar
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