What Do Beer Geeks and Coffee Lovers Have In Common?

Sippers Super Loyal to Their Local Purveyors

People who clamor for the next best mug of ale or crave their daily cup of beautifully brewed beans know what they like and they know where to get it. Once they find a trusted source for their favorite liquids, both discerning beer drinkers and caffeine junkies tend to be very loyal to their favorite bars and coffee shops.

If you run a pub or a cafe, you know the value of having a healthy stable of regulars who you can depend on for their steady stream of patronage. Presumably they frequent your establishment because they enjoy your menu options, appreciate your service, find your space comfortable, like that you’re conveniently located near to their place of work or home, and they absolutely love what you’re pouring for them day in and day out.

Keeping Them Regular

If you want to solidify their regular status, you should reward your best customers’ loyalty to you with a solid and simple rewards program. By showing them a little extra love and appreciation you will all but ensure they remain lifetime patrons.

And while some guests are loyal because of all the good reasons mentioned above, others may need a little incentive to keep them from going to one of your competitors down the block. A customer loyalty program will make it so. If someone knows they just need to buy two more of your lattes to get a free one in addition to earning points towards a $25 gift card, they will be more likely to come to you.

No One Likes Paper Punch Cards

Many bars and coffee shops are already running some sort of loyalty program. But those who do are likely still using flimsy paper punch cards that customers have to fish out of their wallets or that baristas and bartenders have to dig out of a box. It’s totally inefficient and discourages many people from even joining a loyalty program in the first place. This clumsy approach is not a good look for your business.

But not only is it outdated, it also doesn’t allow bars and coffee shops to fully exploit all the possibilities of a good customer loyalty program. So how do you set one up and make it work well?

How to Set Up a Good Customer Loyalty Program

If you want to get your patrons to join your loyalty program and you want it to be successful, you need to join the 21st century, at least a little bit, by getting a mobile app.

But don’t get just any mobile app.

You’ll want one that’s loyalty focused and easy to use, because that’s what your customers will want. The number one reason people cite for deleting apps off their smartphone is that they were not useful.

A good customer loyalty app allows you to reward in four main ways: short term (buy 10 pints, get one free!), long term (buy 50 coffees, get a T-shirt!), birthday (free coffee or beer on your birthday for you and a friend!), and one many beer drinkers love, the mug club (try 100 different beers and get an official club mug with your name on it!). And all of this is stored on their phone in the app—not on some dingy old card buried in their purse.

Most good loyalty apps, allow you to easily log in to the backend to track the app usage and individual patron’s stats. Not only that, but they let you send push notifications to your app users about special events, deals, updates, and so on. Of course, you may  also want to include your menu, social media links, reservation form, events calendar, and an easy way for customers to message you directly, if they like.

The Big Take Away

Keep that good old fashioned hospitality that makes you so successful—but add a dash of fresh digital goodness that allows you connect with your customers. As you know, if you keep them happy, you’ll keep them loyal. A customer loyalty app is just another tasty ingredient that your most valued patrons will love that you offer.

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