Mobile Browsers and Guest Discovery

Mobile Apps only continue to grow in popularity, and one debate that has risen along with mobile apps is if mobile apps will make the mobile web obsolete. There are users on both sides of the coin, but we believe that neither of them are correct, or their both correct depending on how you look at it!
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Hotel Apps and the Guest Experience

Travelers understand that, while it’s exciting to get out of the daily grind and hit the tarmac heading for their dream destination, it’s also complex and often expensive, which is why travel agents once played such a critical part in the process. Rather than calling airlines for current airfares or using third-party travel websites with booking capability, mobile apps put all the information into the travelers’ hands in an instant.
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Google logo

A Brief Guide to Google Carousel for Hotels

The Google Carousel, which is the black strip of images that may show up at the top of a location-based Google search result, was introduced last year and has made a significant impact on hoteliers. The Carousel is Google’s way of helping users sort through an array of choices when searching for businesses in a specific location. If you wanted to find a hotel in Chatham, MA for instance and did a search for “hotels in chatham, ma”, then this would trigger the Carousel.
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Hotel e-mail marketing

A Brief Guide to Hotel & Resort E-Mail Marketing

Why It’s Important for Your Hotel

E-mail can be a very important channel for your hotel; especially for creating a better customer experience after a guest has booked a room. E-Mail is the preferred channel for reminders; things like reservation details, check-in times, etc. In fact, 83% of respondents to one survey like to receive these notifications by e-mail!. Of course, you can also use e-mail marketing to incentivize consumers to book a room or take some other type of action.
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