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How OTAs Rank Hotels

As all hoteliers know, landing one of the top rankings on SERPs is critical to increase traffic to your website and, therefore, increase direct bookings.

However, the top rankings on OTAs are also important and something hoteliers should pay attention to.  According to Statista, OTAs accounted for 52% of all hotel rooms sold in 2015.  Clearly, resorts rely on OTAs for a significant portion of their revenues.
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Adobe Flash is Being Phased Out

Does your hotel website use Adobe Flash to create eye-catching graphics and animations? Do you create banner ads using Flash? While using Flash was a common website practice in the past, the increased use of mobile devices and the threats to security Flash poses are two big reasons to stop using the software.
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How to Improve Your Hotel’s Mobile Site

Mobile devices are rapidly outplacing desktops and becoming the most important area to focus marketing efforts on. According to Google senior account executive Shaun Aukland, 58% of all Internet searches are done using mobile devices. Because mobile is such a dominant force, how can hotels ensure that their sites are effective at creating conversions when guests are on mobile devices?

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The Best Ways to Recover Abandoned Bookings

When a potential guest abandons a booking on your website for any reason, they are still likely to book a hotel room, either at your property or at another. Perhaps they want to compare your resort with others, check travel review sites, or hunt for cheaper options, and will return to your site later on. However, hoteliers can’t sit around waiting for guests to return and complete their bookings on their own. Using reservation recovery strategies, hoteliers have the ability to retarget guests who have abandoned the booking process, bringing them back to the hotel’s site.

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How Hotels Should Market to Millennials and Baby Boomers

Two of the most important segments to hospitality marketers are the Baby Boomers and the Millennials. Baby boomers are 65 years of age and older and travel frequently. According to AARP, Baby Boomers planned to take between 4 and 5 trips in 2015, but only half of employed respondents used all or most of their paid vacation time. Of these travelers, 55% will travel domestically, 42% will travel both domestically and internationally and only 3% plan to travel only internationally.

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Hotel Sites Load Too Slowly for Google

Guests looking to book a hotel room online are also looking for a good user experience on the hotel’s website. If the site is slow or confusing, they are less likely to book than if it loads quickly, is easy to navigate, and provides the information they are searching for. Google’s elusive algorithm acts similarly, ranking faster sites above slower sites in an attempt to please Google users. Since Google leads countless guests to hotels’ and inns’ websites, it is critical for hoteliers to be sure their website is performing well and loading quickly.


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