DIY Web Publishing vs. Working with an Agency

To DIY or not to DIY?

You’ve all seen the gorgeous SquareSpace commercials, or the GoDaddy ads that boast an easy-to-setup and easy-to-use website in just a few simple steps. What you might not know from those commercials is that those few simple steps may not be so simple after all is said and done. Here are a few reasons why working with an agency will give you less stress and be an overall better experience.

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Websites and Apps Work Together During the Travel Purchase Process

As technology and travel evolve, we’re starting to see some interesting trends occur, especially in terms of how different technologies interact with each other. A travel study by Google found that 24% of travelers start their travel planning on search engines, up from 18% last year. While brand sites and apps saw a decrease from 37% to 31% of travelers starting on either a brand site or app.
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All Inclusive Resort

All Inclusive Resorts Doing Well with Direct Bookings

A poll published in Travel Weekly mentioned that all-inclusive resorts have significantly improved their direct bookings. The annual poll asks travelers about their booking behavior, and reported that responders booking direct with all-inclusive resorts increased 36% year over year. The percentage of respondents booking at all inclusive resorts through OTAs went down year over year.
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Mobile Browsers and Guest Discovery

Mobile Apps only continue to grow in popularity, and one debate that has risen along with mobile apps is if mobile apps will make the mobile web obsolete. There are users on both sides of the coin, but we believe that neither of them are correct, or their both correct depending on how you look at it!
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