Why SEO Boosts Your Hotel’s Bottom Line

We like to say that if you use search you shall find you’re sustaining success.

That’s because a sound search engine optimization (SEO) strategy is the keystone to a sustainable marketing strategy. That is, SEO is going to be a part of any long term solution because it’s not a quick one-time thing.

Getting results from SEO takes time and energy—and dedicated resources. But when done properly, your website will rise to the top of search engine results.

That means you’ll see more visitors to your website and, most importantly, to your hotel. And as long as you keep on top of your SEO, this trend should keep up.

But what do you need to do in order to maintain your SEO?

A couple years ago we put together A Brief Guide to Hotel & Resort Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that to this day we still often share with people.

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OTAs’ Mobile Technology Outshines Hotels’ Mobile Efforts

For years now, marketers have been touting the benefits and importance of being mobile to attract guests who increasingly rely on their mobile devices.

Therefore, it is not a surprise that mobile searches have now overtaken desktop and that, according to a report from comScore, all digital growth is being driven by mobile. comScore’s research shows that time spent on desktops has decreased from 47% in December of 2013 to 35% in December 2015. Conversely, time spent on mobile has increased from 53% to 65% in the same time period.
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PPC campaigns for hotels

2 Very Important PPC Changes Made by Google and What They Mean for Your Hotel

Google recently announced some changes to its PPC advertising platform that could have some major implications for your hotel or resort’s PPC campaigns. There were a number of changes presented by Google at their annual Performance Summit in San Francisco, but two of them stood out to us as being very much worth noting for hotels.
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How Millennials Use Facebook

For years now, millennials have been declaring that Facebook is “dead.”

Parents, employers, and older family members using the site have dampened some younger users’ experiences, forcing them to turn to newer platforms like Instagram and Snapchat.

Of course, Instagram’s and Snapchat’s popularity cannot solely be attributed to millennials running from their parents on social media; the platforms offer a wildly different experience than Facebook and can be used in conjunction with Facebook.
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