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Mobile Travelers 2015

It’s not a secret that travelers use their smartphones and tablets to research and book airfare, hotels and activities. In fact, the mobile travel audience is actually bigger than the PC travel audience according to a survey conducted by Expedia and comScore. The mobile audience will continue to rise as the number of mobile device owners grows.

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Marketers Fail to Connect the Dots

Imagine the route guests take when searching and booking hotel rooms. They might compare properties online, evaluate social media accounts, and then call a hotel to ask questions or even book. Now imagine that at each interaction, the guest drops a ‘dot.’ Marketers have to connect these dots to understand the path their guests take and therefore understand the guests.

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Amenities Influence Bookings

Guests compare multiple aspects of hotels before booking their travel; the most important are price, reviews, and convenient location. However, the 2015 TripBarometer study from TripAdvisor determined 77% of travelers are also influenced by amenities offered. This is excellent news for hotels because they can leverage their amenities to stand out from the fierce competition.

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How TripAdvisor Reviews Impact Bookings

Online guest reviews are one of the most important criteria guests use to decide on where to book. For hotels, positive guest reviews are critical to performing well online, but a recent study suggests it goes beyond positive reviews. The study was conducted out of the University of Central Florida, and suggests that the sheer number of reviews can impact a hotel’s revenue per transaction, which may include things like length of stay and amenities.
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Travel Industry Leads Facebook Statistics

We’ve found that Facebook advertising has been a great way to capture bookings and achieve other property goals for a relatively low cost. A recent study by Kentic Social seems to shed some light on the success hotels and resorts have had on Facebook, indicating that the Travel segment received the highest average click-through rate (CTR) of 2.63%. Retail was about half that, coming in at 1.27%.
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2015 Eye Tracking Study on Google Search Results

In 2005, Mediative published it’s first eye tracking study of the Google search results page. It provided some very interesting insights into what parts of the Google search results page captures users’ attention. What they found in this original study done nearly 10 years ago was that 100% of people would scan the first 4 organic listings and 80% would click a listing within the first 4. Of course, the percentage of people clicking beyond that dropped dramatically. This led Mediative to nickname the area where the first 4 listings are located as the “Golden Triangle”.
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