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How to Make Your Hotel Stand Out

As hoteliers, we operate in an extremely competitive industry. Not only do we have to compete with other properties in the area, we also have to make our hotels stand out against other properties in other destinations. Because of the heightened competition, it is crucial to provide guests with an experience they won’t get elsewhere so our properties stand out from the rest.

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Mobile Bookings Expected to Increase This Year

While most hotel bookings are currently made using a desktop or laptop computer, research firm Phocuswright expects mobile travel bookings to boom in the next few years. In 2012, only 5% of travel bookings in the US were made using mobile devices, but next year, that number is expected to reach 18%. Read more

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Google’s New Local Pack Dominates Search Results

At the beginning of August, Google introduced a newly formatted Local Pack listing that is possibly the most disruptive change in Google Search in a long time. This 3-pack result focuses on Local listings and consistently appears in the number one spot on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) as shown in the screen shots below. Read more

Social Media Channels

What Instagram Ads Mean for Your Hotel

In the hotel industry, Instagram is often used a brand-awareness tool and a platform to interact with guests. Hotels regularly publish photos that show off amenities, activities, food and rooms. For a long time, Instagram didn’t allow brands to monetize their accounts. However, the social media platform is slowly dipping its toes into the paid advertising pool that so many other social platforms are swimming in.

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Why You Need a Marketing Agency

You’re a small innkeeper looking to reach new customers and increase room revenues. Or maybe you’re the manager of a large hotel chain that doesn’t have time to monitor your hotel’s marketing efforts. Whatever your position, you need help marketing. If you don’t have a marketing team on staff or rely on an intern, consider hiring a marketing agency to design and implement a marketing strategy customized to your business.

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Two-Way Mobile Messaging with Marriott Hotels

In a huge global communications roll out this summer, Marriott Hotels released a two-way messaging feature on their Marriott Hotels Application that is the first of its kind. The app, which is available to all 50 million Marriott Rewards members, is distinctive from other two-way messaging initiatives by major hotel brands because it allows for communication with the hotel prior to the guest’s arrival.

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Mobile Devices are Critical for US Travel Bookings

Smartphone popularity is growing fast! In most countries, the majority of online purchases were made using smartphones. In the U.S., 53% of all mobile purchases were made on smartphones and in South Korea, 99% of mobile purchases were made via smartphones. Obviously, mobile purchases worldwide are increasing and are critical to a successful business. As screen sizes get bigger, previously complicated tasks on small screens get easier and mobile transactions increase.

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Key Factors Driving Engagement on TripAdvisor

Before spending their hard earned money on a room, guests use TripAdvisor to see photos of the hotel property, read reviews from other guests, and compare average overall ratings of multiple hotels. A study from TripAdvisor found the keys to increasing engagement and driving booking enquiries are more photos, responses from management and higher average ratings. Read more