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A Brief Guide to Google Carousel for Hotels

The Google Carousel, which is the black strip of images that may show up at the top of a location-based Google search result, was introduced last year and has made a significant impact on hoteliers. The Carousel is Google’s way of helping users sort through an array of choices when searching for businesses in a specific location. If you wanted to find a hotel in Chatham, MA for instance and did a search for “hotels in chatham, ma”, then this would trigger the Carousel.
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Hotel e-mail marketing

A Brief Guide to Hotel & Resort E-Mail Marketing

Why It’s Important for Your Hotel

E-mail can be a very important channel for your hotel; especially for creating a better customer experience after a guest has booked a room. E-Mail is the preferred channel for reminders; things like reservation details, check-in times, etc. In fact, 83% of respondents to one survey like to receive these notifications by e-mail!. Of course, you can also use e-mail marketing to incentivize consumers to book a room or take some other type of action.
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