2 Ways to Increase App Downloads Using Facebook

Creating a mobile app for your hotel is only the first step. The next and most critical step to app success is getting your app in the hands of your current and potential guests. There are many ways to increase app downloads, especially at the property level. Outside the property, online advertising is a great way to encourage downloads, and we discussed this in a recent blog: using online advertising to increase app downloads. But in this blog, we’ll specifically look at how Facebook can help increase app downloads.
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Hotel App Advertising

How Hotel Apps Can Be Used in Online Advertising

A mobile app can present many great opportunities to connect with past, current and future guests. In fact, we detailed a new trend that shows mobile users are using mobile apps more and mobile browsers less. This means having a mobile app will be a critical part of a hotelier’s marketing strategy in the near future, especially as more and more travelers use mobile devices for booking travel plans.
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Hotel Mobile App vs Mobile Site

Hotel Mobile Websites & Apps: Why Are They Important?

Mobile devices have received a lot of attention in the last few years, and Internet marketing has thus become more complicated because there are now different devices to target. However, this is more than just a fad. Over 30% of mobile phone users report using their mobile phone as their primary Internet browser and 61% of customers who visit a mobile unfriendly site are more likely to go to a competitor’s site, not to mention there are over 800 million smartphone users worldwide. Unfortunately, some hotels have been slow to adapt to this critical segment.
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