Guest Experience Design

Demo: See How Guest Experience Design Boosts Your Direct Bookings

This design approach improves your marketing ROI and increases revenue by transforming website visitors into booked guests. See how we do it in this brief demonstration video. Reach out to book time to talk about what your hotel’s booking experience could be with Guest Experience Design.


What is Guest Experience Design

With upwards of 80% of website visitors who enter the booking engine leaving before ever making a reservation, our industry has a problem. You spend too much time, money and energy on your marketing efforts to get such a poor return on your investment.

Fortunately, we have developed a new approach to design that addresses this booking abandonment issue. Our Guest Experience (GX) design strategy gives potential guests all the purchasing information they need to book a room directly on your site without ever having to enter the booking engine.

Guest Experience Design is how you make it easy for prospects to become guests. It does this by executing on three key principles:


  1. Attention – Making the full range of necessary detail available at first scan. Guests are made by information, not transactions. Your competitors are just one tab away.
  2. Qualification – Providing the three key pieces of information a prospect needs:
    1. Experience (rooms, amenities, etc.)
    2. Price
    3. Availability
  3. Action – Focusing the entire website on a single, primary action: Informed Booking.

Cellular signal bars iconHow GX + Skipper Significantly Increased Direct Bookings

In the first four months since implementing GX design, Ashore Resort's direct website bookings increased 525%. See how our solution can drive more direct revenue for your property.


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