Guest Experience Design

What is Guest Experience Design

Guest Experience Design is how you make it easy for prospects to become guests. It does this by executing on three key principles:


  1. Attention – Making the full range of necessary detail available at first scan. Guests are made by information, not transactions. Your competitors are just one tab away.
  2. Qualification – Providing the three key pieces of information a prospect needs:
    1. Experience (rooms, amenities, etc.)
    2. Price
    3. Availability
  3. Action – Focusing the entire website on a single, primary action: Informed Booking.

Essential Room Card Elements

Room cards and room filters are the two most influential design patterns in an effective luxury hotel’s website.

Room cards and room filters should be designed to make it easy for guests to scan for the information most important to their decision to book and filter rooms according to their needs:

  1. Room Card: An effective room card should elevate key room details, display pricing, and include a clear CTA to Book Now.
  2. Filter: An effective room filter should allow guests to filter rooms by type, capacity, rates, availability, accessibility, and other relevant amenities.

Addressing Booking Engine Abandonment

In the video below our CEO Tom O’Rourke discusses booking engine abandonment in the hotel space and how we can use guest experience design methodology (GX) to reduce abandonment and improve conversion.

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