Case Study

How a Portfolio of Hotels & Resorts Boosted Booking Engine Visits and Earned Their Money Back 7-Fold

When HEI Hotels & Resorts sought to boost online revenue for a subset of its extensive portfolio of nearly 100 properties, they turned to O’Rourke to address a host of individual needs. Our team provided custom-built solutions that generated positive results for each property.

How a Portfolio of Hotels & Resorts Boosted Booking Engine Visits and Earned Their Money Back 7-Fold
7 to 1 ROAS Across 8 hotels and across all paid media channels
35% Entrance Rate The percentage of visitors across all paid media channels that enter the booking engine
$1.75 CPC Across 8 hotels and across all paid media channels

The Background

HEI Hotels & Resorts is a hotel management company with close to 100 hotels that they either own, manage or both. They have a variety of brands and property types and O’Rourke has been a long-trusted partner, providing digital support to a subset of their larger portfolio.

The Challenge

HEI engaged us to work with 8 of their properties, each with a unique set of challenges, goals and opportunities. But they all shared a common ambition: a desire to generate more online revenue.

"I truly enjoy working with O’Rourke; their team is like an extension of our internal organization. They don’t make us slog through layers of account management to make strategy tweaks and we can move money between tactics based on performance. They understand brand platforms and the KPIs that matter to hotels, ownership groups, and brands." Emma - Director of Marketing

The Solution

While each of the HEI properties wanted to boost its online revenue, it was clear from the outset these problems could not be solved with a “one size fits all” approach. 

O’Rourke studied each property’s clientele base. We analyzed their business goals and identified which segments were strong and which were struggling. We looked at their mix of leisure, business, weddings and how they measured up to the competition in their market. 

The prescription for each property was then tailored to meet specific needs. We delivered custom website redesigns, SEO optimization and paid media campaigns for each property, the combination of which returned significant increases in visibility and online traffic.

How We Made It Happen

For HEI properties, we provided custom-fit approaches to meet the needs of a diverse set of properties. Learn more about the solutions and services we offer to hotel management companies.

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