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How an Expert Paid Campaign Gave a Group of 5 Cape Cod Resorts a Massive Return on Ad Spend

Red Jacket Resorts is a collection of five resorts on Cape Cod in Massachusetts for families, couples, weddings and private groups. As seasonal properties open only May through October, Red Jacket has a narrow window to see a return on its marketing spend.

How an Expert Paid Campaign Gave a Group of 5 Cape Cod Resorts a Massive Return on Ad Spend
5% Growth In PPC revenue
9% Increase Click through rate
14% Reduction In cost per click

The Background

As a collection of five resorts on the Yarmouth Shore of Cape Cod, Red Jacket consists of four properties with private beaches, with one overlooking a championship par-3 golf course. Red Jacket needed to make the most out of its five-month open season with a more cohesive marketing approach bolstered by a paid search and PPC campaign.

The Challenge

Red Jacket had previously worked with a massive hospitality technology/marketing company, but they felt like a small fish in a giant pond. They needed better support and a more comprehensive strategy.

The Solution

Red Jacket immediately expressed that they were comfortable with change, willing to be flexible and would increase their budget if the right strategy called for it. They were receptive to our recommendations and quickly adapted to the changing landscape of their marketing approach. 

O’Rourke provided Red Jacket with improved management of their campaigns, including more strategic copy and budget oversight. We recommended increasing their spending on PPC and paid search to capture demand that was clearly out there but not being reached. O’Rourke’s updated campaigns reflected a much better understanding of the seasonal Cape Cod traveler and what resonates with them.

How We Made It Happen

O’Rourke delivers exceptional PPC and paid search campaign results for its resort clients. If you’d like to learn more about our services, click here. If you want to get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

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