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A Brief Guide to Hotel & Resort Call Tracking

A Brief Guide to Hotel & Resort Call Tracking

Brian Fitzgerald
Brian Fitzgerald July 14, 2014
A Brief Guide to Hotel & Resort Call Tracking


Call tracking uses software to track incoming phone calls using unique phone numbers that then get re-routed to your hotel’s main phone number.

Why It’s Important

Some consumers who go online may end up calling your hotel to ask a question or book a room. Call tracking ensures that these leads are properly captured and associated with the right marketing campaign(s). It all comes down to being able to track the effectiveness of your efforts.

A web-based call tracking software, like CallRail, allows you to record phone calls. This can be a great way to gain insight into your hotel’s customer experience and find ways to make improvements if necessary.

How to Get Started

  1. Start by signing up for a service like CallRail.
  2. Determine which marketing initiatives you want to track. Do you want to track offline initiatives, online initiatives, etc.
  3. Set up unique phone numbers for every source you want to track.
  4. Place those unique numbers within the source you want to track; it could be a webpage, an online ad or even a billboard.
  5. Be sure monitor and review your incoming call reports and tie them back to your marketing campaign.


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