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Why Content is (Still) King

Why Content is (Still) King

Brian Fitzgerald
Brian Fitzgerald June 2, 2016
Why Content is (Still) King

In a 1996 essay, Bill Gates coined the phrase “content is king.” At the time of the article, marketers were slow to embrace the Internet as a new marketing channel, much like today’s marketers might be hesitant to explore a new social media outlet.

Gates, however, could see the future of the Internet was heading towards well-developed content.

So, what counts as content? This blog post is content. As is the tweet you may have just tweeted.  And the computer game you play when you’re bored.  Some less obvious examples of content include software, advertisements, and photos.

Silkstream outlines four ways content functions:

  1. “Increasing visibility.”
  2. “Encouraging backlinks for SEO, and social shares.”
  3. “Optimising [sic] the website for long tail keywords that are harder to target through the website’s static pages.”
  4. “Generating new customers, or clients, or whatever your end goal is (hopefully).”

So this one blog post is peppered with a few keywords that our main pages may not contain, will be shared by others, and will increase O’Rourke’s visibility on search engines. The content may even interest new hoteliers who will use our services. Improving your site’s SEO is one of content’s most useful forms.  Some tips on staying up to date with the best SEO practices can be found here.

Gates correctly predicted that interactive, up-to-date and interesting content containing audio and video components are incredibly successful forms of content. Internet users are now able to watch videos wherever they are thanks to faster connections and smartphones. Hotels and resorts display video tours on their websites and may even operate a YouTube Channel because video content is consumed with high frequency.

On a hotel website, some of the most important forms of content are high-quality pictures of your property. When guests research your hotel or inn, they look at photos to glean an idea about the quality of your property and the experience they will have there. Outdated, grainy photos may project and negative image while bright, clean photos will allow the guest to envision the high-level of service and wonderful experience they are sure to experience at your property.

As Bill Gates claimed, content really is king and hoteliers need to ensure that their online content is interesting, accessible, and helps them connect with their guests.


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