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A Brief Guide to TripAdvisor’s TripConnect

A Brief Guide to TripAdvisor’s TripConnect

Brian Fitzgerald
Brian Fitzgerald August 21, 2014
A Brief Guide to TripAdvisor’s TripConnect

TripConnect allows your hotel to display rates and inventory on your hotel’s TripAdvisor page. This information is displayed alongside other options, typically OTAs, as “Official Site”, and it links directly to your hotel’s booking engine.

How Does It Work? 

TripConnect uses a Cost-Per-Click (CPC) system, and the CPC will vary based on your hotel’s location and ad position, among other factors. These ads will show up on your hotel’s TripAdvisor page when the user selects a date range. 

How Do I Participate?

To participate in TripConnect, you must be a TripAdvisor Business Listings customer; the cost of Business Listings can vary by hotel. Your hotel’s booking engine must also be a ConnectPartner. This integration with your booking engine is what allows TripAdvisor to display your hotel’s real-time rates for a given time period.

How Can It Benefit My Hotel?

To participate in TripConnect, you need a TripAdvisor Business Listing, which offers more than just the ability to participate in TripConnect. You can display direct contact information, post special offers or announcements on your hotel’s TripAdvisor page and on area search results and you’ll have access to detailed TripAdvisor page Analytics.

TripConnect itself is a great tool your hotel can use to bypass (Online Travel Agency) OTA fees and encourage direct bookings. You’ll have to weigh the benefits of paying for a direct booking vs. the possibility of incurring fees if that user books through an OTA.


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