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Why You Shouldn’t Turn off Your PPC Brand Campaigns

Why You Shouldn’t Turn off Your PPC Brand Campaigns

Brian Fitzgerald
Brian Fitzgerald September 5, 2023
Why You Shouldn’t Turn off Your PPC Brand Campaigns

When it comes to PPC campaigns, there is some debate surrounding whether or not hoteliers should bid on their brand name.  A brand campaign focuses on the hotel’s name, while a non-brand campaign tries to capture keywords like “luxury hotels in Boston.”  Here at O’Rourke, we find that brand campaigns typically drive the most revenue, so we recommend bidding on your brand name.

However, some clients question the utility of brand campaigns when their organic listing consistently shows up on the first page of SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). They ask us why it’s important to show up twice on the same page.

The answer is simple. The more times your site appears on the results page, the more chances you have for users to click on your page. Being visible is key, and your PPC Brand campaign is essential in ensuring your listing is at the very top of the page. In fact, turning off your existing brand campaign can result in a dramatic loss of clicks and impressions. Studies show when you turn off branded ppc, organic clicks go up, but not enough to cover the losses from PPC. These click losses often lead to revenue loss that can not be quickly made up by turning branded PPC back on.  

If your website is losing these clicks, your competitors are gaining them. Typically, a hotel has to compete with OTAs trying to leverage the hotel’s brand name to generate clicks. Turning off your brand campaign makes it easier for an OTA to place higher at a lower bid. Consequently, it becomes easier for an OTA to capture more revenue from your brand name.

Brand campaigns are typically less expensive to run than other campaigns because, as the owner of the brand name, you’ll have a lower CPC.  Brand campaigns are incredibly effective and efficient, capturing over 50% of clicks and over 90% of revenue from a PPC campaign! Now, why would you want to turn them off?


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