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Using Facebook Custom Audiences for Hotel Advertising

Using Facebook Custom Audiences for Hotel Advertising

Brian Fitzgerald
Brian Fitzgerald June 16, 2014
Using Facebook Custom Audiences for Hotel Advertising

Facebook is a powerful platform for getting very specific in targeting an online audience. Facebook allows advertisers to target people based on things like age, location, interested, marital status, and education, just to name a few. But one of the more interesting ways of targeting people is through a custom audience using e-mail addresses.

Users sign into Facebook using their e-mail address, and if we as advertisers know what that e-mail address is, then Facebook allows us to send advertisements to those users. Imagine using an e-mail address list of guests who have recently booked a room and then showing them an advertisement for your spa or dining options when they arrive at the resort.

An even better idea might be targeting users who were previous guests, and encouraging them to book another stay this year. We recently did this for one of our clients with great results so far. It’s received plenty of likes and comments, further extending the reach of the ad. Best of all, cost per click was very low at $0.10; no other media we’ve come across has costs that low.

Facebook’s custom audiences affords advertisers the opportunity to target a very specific group of people with a very specific message. It can truly be a powerful tool when used in conjunction with other advertising.


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