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Hotel & Resort Mobile Website Design: What Your Guests Need

Hotel & Resort Mobile Website Design: What Your Guests Need

Brian Fitzgerald
Brian Fitzgerald May 10, 2014
Hotel & Resort Mobile Website Design: What Your Guests Need

The problem with traditional websites is that more and more travelers are moving to mobile devices to book travel plans. While a traditional website worked very well a few years ago, the technology is now is outdated. Without a positive user experience on mobile, travelers can grow frustrated and abandon the booking process.

More Traffic from Mobile

Our clients are reporting more and more traffic coming from mobile devices.

The percentage of revenue coming from mobile devices has also increased. In 2012, 12% of one client’s online revenue came from mobile, in 2013 18% of online revenue came from mobile.

It’s crucial to adapt to this audience, or you’ll risk losing direct revenue from all of these users.

Conversion Rates

Although there is still a higher conversion rate on desktop computers than mobile devices, the difference is much greater when the website is not optimized for mobile. here are some conversion rates (the number of visitors that booked a room/site) based on device from one client with a responsive website and one without a responsive website.

If Client A had a responsive website and the difference in conversion rate between desktop and mobile devices was the same as Client B, then that would mean Client A would’ve captured 22% more in total revenue for a specified time period. The increase in revenue becomes greater as more visitors to your site are coming from mobile devices.

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