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The Next Wave in Responsive Design

The Next Wave in Responsive Design

Brian Fitzgerald
Brian Fitzgerald February 5, 2015
The Next Wave in Responsive Design

We’ve all heard of responsive web design. It’s designing a website so that it automatically adapts to the user’s device. It’s a critical investment in today’s multi-device world. But what’s the next step? The answer is making your website respond to particular users along with particular devices. The next wave of responsive design is tailoring the user experience to particular users.

We can do this in a number of ways. If the potential guest arrived on your site through a search engine using the keyword “family”, you could automatically change the image on your homepage to show a family having fun. If another user arrived on your site using a keyword “romantic”, then that user would see an image of a couple sitting on the beach with a bottle of champagne. Maybe the weather forecast calls for a hot and humid weekend, in which case you could display your weekend getaway special. Or maybe you’re located in Vermont and the weekend is going to be cold with lots of snow, in which case you could show a romantic weekend getaway package with a picture of a couple next to a fire.

The possibilities are really endless.


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