Conversational Marketing

A faster, simpler way to qualify leads and book more site tours

Hotel Conversational Marketing is a dialogue-driven strategy to boost engagement, improve the wedding prospect's experience, and grow revenue. It’s based on one-to-one interactions in real time through live chat, chatbots and messaging apps.

It transforms the time-consuming task of qualifying leads and booking site tours. That process typically takes days or weeks, and involves filling out forms, exchanging emails, and connecting (or not) by phone. Conversational marketing can accomplish the same goals in minutes. When prospects enter your website, they can choose to start a conversation in real time. The software automatically generates key questions to gauge their level of interest and address their key issues. The prospect is always in control, and can book a site tour with a few clicks. This creates a more personal and efficient buying experience. It quickly generates more qualified leads and bookings – and frees up your people to focus on other tasks.

Conversational marketing should be part of every property’s sales strategy. It’s a great way to engage with prospects, on their time, in a manner they’re comfortable with.
    "Our ski resort began working with O’Rourke in 2018, on projects ranging from PPC and display banners to newsletters and reservation recovery emails. We’re happy to continue that working relationship in 2021, thanks to their quick turnaround, service offering, and expertise, especially regarding hospitality industry-specific marketing." Jeff M. - General Manager

    Video Demonstration of Conversational Marketing in Action

    In this video you’ll see a live demo of what conversational marketing is and how this strategy can engage prospects on your website, qualify them in real-time and book site tours for those qualified prospects.

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    We developed a set of destination and lifestyle keywords that targeted Hotel Crescent Court’s guest demographic: higher-income, luxury travelers in search of an upscale, downtown hotel close to Dallas’s arts, shopping, and entertainment. As brand presence and awareness are already strong, the hotel’s branded keywords were secondary to lifestyle and destination keywords.


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