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How Google’s Customer Match Makes PPC Campaigns More Effective

How Google’s Customer Match Makes PPC Campaigns More Effective

Brian Fitzgerald
Brian Fitzgerald June 9, 2016
How Google’s Customer Match Makes PPC Campaigns More Effective

Google’s Customer Match product can elevate your PPC advertising campaigns to a more effective level. Customer Match is a powerful remarketing tool that allows you to upload your email list to Google, which then connects the emails with Google users and shows the targeted group your advertisements.

Imagine that a guest stayed with you last summer and is now planning their next summer vacation. While searching for “hotels in Maine,” an advertisement for your resort appears reminding the guest of the wonderful vacation they had at your property last year. Or imagine that a guest once began a booking, but abandoned it before completing it. Customer Match will help to retarget guests in an effort to convince them to finish their booking.

Using Customer Match, hoteliers have the ability to adjust bids for certain guests. If a guest has recently abandoned a booking, the hotelier can increase the bid to win a higher position on the SERP, and hopefully capture the booking. Hoteliers can also create different ads for different segments of their email list. An ad that attracts a family of four will be different than one that an older couple will click on. By segmenting your email list and targeting guests with Customer Match, you can easily reach both segments.

Google says that the Customer Match product is designed to place your brand “right there, with the right message, at the moment your customer is most receptive.” By matching an existing email list with Google users, hoteliers are able to advertise to a segment of guests who have demonstrated an interest in their hotels and resorts, likely created loyal, repeat guests.

It is important to note that Google requires advertisers to only use emails addresses they have obtained through “the first-party context,” meaning instances where guests explicitly shared their emails with your brand whether on your website, through your loyalty program, or at your property.

Additionally, hoteliers using the Similar Audiences tool within Customer Match will be able to reach guests who have similar preferences and habits to the guests on their email list. Clearly, this tool is useful to attract potential guests to your site when they search for hotels and travel.

Google offers a tutorial to set up Customer Match here.


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