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How Hotels Can Succeed With Social Media PPC

How Hotels Can Succeed With Social Media PPC

Brian Fitzgerald
Brian Fitzgerald August 13, 2012
How Hotels Can Succeed With Social Media PPC

With all of the different types of pay per click advertising, hoteliers can get confused about which options are best for them. Last week we covered the features and benefits of the top three social media PPC platforms and today we will discuss some ways that your hotel can succeed using these great mediums.


When LinkedIn began offering advertising, many companies flooded to it to see what it was all about. Although it’s a great platform for targeting, its not a great option for hoteliers. Travelers do not go to LinkedIn to find a hotel. If your hotel is trying to increase meeting bookings, targeting meeting and event planners would be a good use of LinkedIn PPC. Although this medium isn’t ideal for hoteliers, it does have its advantages if you plan thoroughly.


As you learned last week, in our case, a promoted account brought us a lot of new followers with a low price tag, but hotels will benefit from promoted tweets. By putting your current specials on twitter you will entice your followers to book so why not use that same principal to get other people to book? Promoted Tweets appear at the top of the results page when a Twitter user is searching. If your hotel is in Maine and someone searches twitter for “Maine Hotel”, your promoted tweet will be the first thing they see. An added bonus of Twitter advertising is that its available on desktop and mobile versions of Twitter.


Facebook had been changing their advertising options a lot lately so make sure you come back and check in at our blog for the latest! As part of the most recent change, not all post from brand pages show up in the news feed of fans, because Facebook wants brands to advertise. Their new algorithm detects when a post is “popular” so if you post twice in the same minute and one post gets 5 organic likes and the other only 1, the one with 5 likes will show up more in the feeds of your fans. What Facebook has done to monetize is you can pay an advertising fee for your recent posts to show up in the top spots of your fans newsfeed. Another way to use Facebook advertising is to create custom Facebook banner ads. You can also put custom advertisements out there that are targeted at; non-fans, within an age group, in a geographic location and by their interests (travel would be a great choice!).


All of these options are constantly changing and for the most part becoming better platforms. If you would like help setting up a social media pay per click campaign, please contact us.