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Email marketing is a powerful and cost-effective marketing tool when used right. The challenge of email marketing is getting your emails to stand out in a sea of overcrowded inboxes. O’Rourke helps you connect with guests through a strategic segment-based approach that targets the right audience with the right messaging at the right time.

Our Strategic Approach to Email Marketing

Creating an effective and sustainable email marketing strategy goes beyond drafting a new email every week and hitting send to all of your subscribers. Your guests are seeking individualized information that will guide them through their buyers’ journey with your brand. Our approach to email marketing begins with an in-depth look at your current email marketing performance, which leads to strategic list segmentation to create more effective and targeted email campaigns, delivering better results from your future email campaigns.

Identify current email marketing performance and future goals

Create segmented lists and email messaging strategy

Launch campaigns, measure performance, and refine strategy

Identify current email marketing performance and future goals

You may have a great list of email subscribers, but you don’t see the level of engagement you might expect from your current campaigns. Our team will analyze how people are currently interacting with your emails as well as gain an understanding of your desired outcome for future email marketing campaigns to help us develop your email marketing strategy.

Create segmented lists and email messaging strategy

When we begin to develop your email marketing strategy, our focus is on thoroughly segmenting your current email audience into relevant lists. This can be based on their location, buyer's journey stage, previous engagements with your brand, and many other categories. We create messaging strategies and email templates for each segmented list to automate the email marketing process and maintain consistency.

Launch campaigns, measure performance, and refine strategy

Once your lists are segmented and your messaging strategy is in place, we’ll implement your new campaigns to generate better engagement and return on your email marketing. We’ll continually measure and refine your email lists and messaging strategies to keep with your evolving business and digital marketing landscape.

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