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Using Infographics To Increase Visibility And Improve SEO

Using Infographics To Increase Visibility And Improve SEO

Brian Fitzgerald
Brian Fitzgerald September 25, 2012
Using Infographics To Increase Visibility And Improve SEO

The use of infographics has been a popular tactic over the last several years in digital marketing circles. An infographic, short for information graphic, is a visual representation of information, data or knowledge. When done well, infographics take a complex subject or set of data and present it in a way that is more digestable. Also, when done well, they are a fun and unique marketing vehicle. Let’s highlight some of the benefits.

Benefits of Infographics

  • They can be a strong addition to your overall content strategy. Hotels need to evolve from the standard, old hotel website content that every hotel provides to consumers.
  • They are different and unique. You should always be looking for ways to be unique and differentiate from your compset and other hotels in general.
  • They can help convey your brand’s personality. It can be difficult for hotels to develop their personality and brand voice, infographics can be a great vehicle to help communicate to guests and highlight what you are really about.
  • They can increase overall visibility. If developed correctly, with the right creative approach, infographics can gain you exposure in circles and groups that might not have awareness of your hotel and brand.
  • They help with search engine optimization. Because of all the reasons highlighted above infographics tend to get shared and linked to a lot, especially compared to other hotel website content. Search engines love this type of activity because it helps them identify you as a reputable source and an authority.

Here is a bit about how we approach a hotel infographic project:

  • We start with a strategy session. We work with our client to figure what are the key selling points they are trying to convey to consumers.
  • Then we brainstorm. Internally we strategize and try to identify ways that we can connect a key selling point with data points and consumer interests. An important point about infographic strategy for us is that the goal is not to directly promote the hotel any of it’s key selling features. The goal is to present data and information that establishes the hotel as an authority on a particular subject.
  • After we’ve developed some ideas, we review with the client, work through any issues and decide on a direction.
  • Next, we start researching data points and developing copy.
  • Lastly, we let our amazing designers do what they do best by taking the direction, data and copy and building it into the final infographic product.

For an example of an infographic we’ve created recently, see the example below. Also, be sure to check back on the O’Rourke blog as we’ll be posting an infographic case study in the coming months.

Contact us directly if you want to learn more about how we can develop an infographic for your hotel or how we can help with any of your Internet marketing needs.